Bubbly Black Girl

Caleb Middleton, School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Collaborators: Corttez Hill, Ross; Gilayah McIntosh, School of Music, Theatre & Dance; Matthew Eggers, College of Engineering

The goal of this project is to provide the opportunity for Black students on campus to get together and bring this story to life to represent the marginalized voices that exist further within our community. Throughout this process, we will create a safe space for Black creators to collaborate with each other and share their artistic talents to produce something that is truly magical while providing opportunities to students outside of SMTD and/or Design & Production majors to get involved with creating theatre on campus. On this project, we have students from SMTD, Ross, LS&A, College of Engineering, and we project students from more schools as we expand our production team. Each student that is involved has their own set of skills that are crucial to the success of this project. The students that are in SMTD and the College of Engineering will be helping with the musical and theatrical aspects of the show. The students that are involved in Ross and LS&A will be in charge of the management aspects of the show. Although we plan to optimize the success of our production by focusing on each student’s strengths, we will also be engaging in cross-collaboration between production departments to allow students to take on new opportunities such as designing, performing, managing, etc. that may be outside of their studied discipline. By having our project center a Black narrative and take place during Black History Month, we plan to inspire other Black creators and students on campus to take control of their own artistic ambitions especially in projects that uplift and express who they are.