Los FAROS CDMX: Emergent Cultural Infrastructure at the Margins of the Megalopolis

Anya Sirota (Taubman)

ARCH 672 is an interdisciplinary course that explores the intersection of art, architecture and urban development in Mexico City’s socio-economically marginalized neighborhoods. Graciela Kasep’s research and curatorial expertise will create a unique opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of the arts and culture scene in Mexico City. With support from Taubman College, students will travel to Mexico City in late January 2019, where they will conduct field work at the FARO cultural centers. Kasep will accompany the students on all site visit in order to lend to guide the students first hand analysis. We hope that Kasep will visit the University of Michigan on two occasion over the course of next semester. First, to conduct an introductory workshop on the intersection of art, culture and informal settlement. We anticipate the Kasep will return at the end of the semester to participate in the students’ final reviews.