More Than a Degree

Misha Korolev, College of Engineering

Collaborators: Monica Iyer, LSA; Cassidy Caulkins, LSA; Victoria Huang, Ross School of Business; Olivia Sinnott, School of Music, Theatre & Dance; Travis Anderson, School of Music, Theatre & Dance; Ulises Otero, School of Music, Theatre & Dance; Stefania Gonzalez, School of Music, Theatre & Dance; Johannes Pardi, LSA

Our project is a sitcom, incorporating the various arts of screenwriting, directing, acting, and all aspects of production design including: costumes, props, lighting, and sound. The benefits of this interdisciplinary collaboration are allowing for new perspectives to be heard and opportunities to be given to students who may have had an interest in film but haven’t had the opportunity to act on that interest.

Our film is a comedy about college life. We hope that it brings people joy and that students are able to relate to it. The creators of this sitcom are two women, one of whom is a woman of color, and the other a first generation college student. We hope that their unique perspective of college life as told through the lens of the characters is simultaneously enjoyable and impactful.