Who We Are

Lauren Strawn – Peer Mentor, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design; Elijah Underhill-Miller, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning; Dee Vibhatasilpin, College of Engineering; Dani Canan, School of Music, Theatre & Dance; Rachel Goodin, College of Engineering

For our project we were given the theme Revolve. Our take on this was to each come up with a survey to pass to another group member to question them more about their interior life, to see what they ‘revolve’ around. Using those responses, we each attempted to exemplify the ideas and data through song. We quickly learned there were a lot of different ways to interpret the theme of revolving ranging from physical motion to data analysis, and even to more introspective assessment. Not only that, but we each came at structuring our surveys and musical responses differently. We had group members who focused on a more numerically driven creative process, all the way to ‘feeling the vibes’ of the survey responses. We wanted to highlight the complexities that exist in each individual person that you interact

with. We don’t usually get to see that side of people, and we wanted to use this project as a chance to explore that. Part of having an interdisciplinary team showed itself in our different approaches to the project. Some of us focused more on the act of making and some of us focused more on the conceptuality. This led us to make a project where everyone could focus on the parts that excited them. We made our prompts more open ended for what the end result could be and how we could get there.