science as art submissions 2021

Click below to explore the 2021 submissions to the Science as Art competition.

Have a favorite piece or two? We encourage you to vote for your top two favorite pieces using the form below. You can only vote once and must have a U-M account to cast your vote. Take note of the title and/or name of the artist(s) so you can select appropriately on your ballot. Voting for Peoples’ Choice Award will be open through 2:15pm on Friday, February 26.

Journey of Self Reflection: Safe Spaces
Natalie Bultman
Morphology of Skin Disease
Sophia Chen
Amanda Cheung
Sarah Chung
A Coelacanth’s Revival
Ari Coester
The Invisible Contaminant
Jacob Dean
Claire Furio
Molly Gaffey
The Stag Hunt – The Assurance Game
Genesis Gonzales
Threatened Loons
Brenna Goss
Maxwell’s Demon
Nandita Gupta
Shampoo Roulette
Willa Hart
The Perfect Apple
Amber Hashmi
Milkweed Deconstructed
Elizabeth Hungerman
Spiritual Science / Natural Technology
Sierra Iverson
Cellular Comforts
Katelyn King
Hang Slanted
Sabrina Kliza
Sunrise Inn
Brianna Kucharski
Our Forgotten Ancestor: Fish
Liana Lau
Superior’s Song
Julien Malherbe
Scientific Method: Simplified
Kaitlyn Onela
When The Sun Goes Dark
Dana Pierangeli
Your Nature
Peninnah Posey
Sonification and Visualization of COVID-19 Data
Adam Julian Saifuddin
Miriam Saperstein
Lauren Strawn
A Primer for Memory
Samuel Uribe-Botero
Cellular Automata Terrain Sequencer
Nicholas Warren
On my period.
Jenny Wu
Alexander Zarouk