science as art submissions 2021

Click below to explore the 2021 submissions to the Science as Art competition.

Have a favorite piece or two? We encourage you to vote for your top two favorite pieces using the form below. You can only vote once and must have a U-M account to cast your vote. Take note of the title and/or name of the artist(s) so you can select appropriately on your ballot. Voting for Peoples’ Choice Award will be open through 2:15pm on Friday, February 26.

A Fiction
Koray Benli
Benjamin Seguin
Living Fossils of the Plant Kingdom
Janae White
Numbers Against Bottles
Nicole Kim
The Community of Nandy
Emerson Lauster
Notes on Electrophysiology
Kate Giffin
Weaving Past and Future through Surfcraft
Carson Brown
The Eye Contact
Haewon Hwang
Plants of the Printmaking Studio
Maggie Wiebe
O Great Mullein!
Cameron Wilson
McCreary 208
Zoe Yeoh
Ari Coester
Exsiccatae of Flora
Mellisa Lee
Blue Footed Booby Bird Mating Dance
Claire Furio
Spaghettification: A Visual Hypothesis
Sarah De Falco
Inner Workings of the Human Mind
Molly Gaffey
The Prototype
Koray Benli
Humanity, Your Community Service is Due
Sarah-Marie Jabre
Black Bear Florilegium
Madison Grosvenor
Wilde-pecker Walk
Kaitlyn Onela
Ieva Surantas
Katja Foreman-Braunschweig
The Weight of Us
Dani Tutak
James Webb Space Telescope
Sierra Iverson
New Moon At The Log Slide Overlook
Nick Tsichlis
resistance: an exploration of cancer stem cells through movement
Ritu Somayaji
Ting-Sung Cheng
Nithisha Nantha Kumar
Stem-cell Based Therapy for AMD
Muru Zhou
World Wide Web
Yashas Aprameya