2019 Honorable Mention – Peggy Randon


The scientific inspiration for this piece is the Alpinia purpurata, also called Red Ginger. The drawing was done during on observational trip to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor. The intent was to recreate, as accurately as possible, a plant found in the conservatory. The Red Ginger plant was chosen for its beautiful red hue (the color of which is described in the title of the piece in hex color format), as well as it’s exotic appearance. The drawing was done in imitation of scientific manner, observing the actual specimen, and with a simple but intentional craft. The drawing was completed with fairly basic utensils in a sketchbook,
similar to how a scientist might record a discovery in the field.

The drawing was done in graphite and prismacolor pencil on heavy drawing paper. Pencil was used to allow for the precise outlining of the plant, and the prismacolor pencil was used to add tone to the plant to give a feeling of color and depth, while still maintaining the scientific feel. Artistic flair was kept to a minimum for this reason. The drawing is monochromatic and purely observational, with no solely aesthetic elements added to enhance the drawing. The goal was to compare the drawing to the actual plant and compare for accuracy, despite only using control of line and tone to convey color and depth. Although it is still an art piece, the artistic tool of imagination was suppressed in an attempt to follow a more scientific approach to creation.