Six Teams Competed in the 2017 42 Hours of Re_Creativity


This year’s 42 Hours of RE_Creativity make-a-thon included teams of interdisciplinary students creating projects inspired by objects on the U-M campus as part of the UpstART 200: U-M Bicentennial Project. We would like to thanks our judges: Jeremy Bond, Professor in Engineering/Game Design at MSY; Tony Cathcot, Principal Landscape Architect, Smith GroupJJR; Charlie Michaels, Assistant Director, U-M Center for Socially Engaged Design (C-SED); and Ken Panko, Director, Duderstadt Center!

  • First Place: animated short film by Team Hermit Squad (Edith Jiang and Jo Deng)
  • Second Place: Reflection Fountain installation by Team RecycleMe (Eric Harding, Marianna Coulen, Melissa Greene, and Scott Deisher)
  • Third Place: dance performance choreographed and composed by Team We-Cycle (Amy Wensley, Benjamin Marshall, Chelsea Hamm, Ellen Wallace, and Rachel Fernandes)
  • Honorable Mentions: Team MCCK (Chelsea Heath, Cindy Xuan, Kexu Chen, and Moona Lee) for their wearable bus stop weather protection, Team Rube (Boyang Zhang, Linda Sun, and Skanda Palani) for their U-M public art inspired Rube Goldberg creation, and Team JAZY (Yin Yin Lau, Yangtian Yan, Xuning Wang, and Jiahui Zhu) for their “empathy bed” and reflections on nutrition in Africa.