Student MicroGrants

Student MicroGrants award up to $1,500 in support of interdisciplinary student projects which incorporate the arts as a central theme or component. Main grant applicant must be enrolled in one of ArtsEngine’s schools/colleges (College of Engineering, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, and School of Information). Preference will be given to projects that engage at least two collaborators from at least two different schools and colleges. MicroGrants are available to graduate and undergraduate applicants.


  • Main grant applicant must belong to one of ArtsEngine’s sponsoring colleges (see above), but collaborators can be from any U-M unit.
  • Current undergraduate and graduate students from U-M may apply.
  • Individuals or groups may apply – though preference will be given to projects with at least two collaborators from different schools/disciplines.
  • Student organizations may apply.

Selection Criteria

  • Project must be interdisciplinary (involving more than one discipline), with art as a primary focus. This may include projects that involve visual arts, design, architecture, literary arts, theatre, dance, film, performance and music.
  • A wide spectrum of involved disciplines is encouraged (i.e. engineering and dance; biology and music, etc.)
  • Project component funded by ArtsEngine must be realized by June 2020.
  • Project should demonstrate campus and/or local community impact.
  • Projects are expected to be student-led, although faculty and staff can participate as team members.

*We do not typically offer funding more than once through the Student MicroGrant program for the same project.*

Not sure if your project will qualify for funding? Take a look at some sample projects that do not qualify for funding to understand what we’re looking for. Still have questions? Please contact us via email and/or to schedule a time to meet.

Application/Submission Process

You may save the application at any time and return later to finish if needed; however, we encourage you to have the following information ready:

Grant Narrative

  • How is the project interdisciplinary and why will this approach be appropriate for your project?
  • How do the arts play a role in your project?
  • If this is a group project, how will you address benefits and challenges of this interdisciplinary collaboration?
  • How do you anticipate carrying out the project? Explain the general timeline and describe team member responsibilities.
  • What is the expected impact on campus and/or the local community?
  • What skills do you (and your collaborators) have that will allow you to complete this project?

Project Budget

  • List all expenses and indicate those that ArtsEngine funds will cover
  • Include secured funding from other sources

Supporting Materials

  • Be ready to attach docs or links that help demonstrate the merit of your project (i.e. drawings, videos, advertisements, etc.).


  • Round I: application deadline is Friday, October 4, 2019 (Notification by October 18)
  • Round II: application deadline is Friday, November 22, 2019 (Notification by December 9)
  • Round III: application deadline is Friday, February 7, 2020 (Notification by February 21)



Still have questions? Contact us or schedule a time to meet for advice. Need to find a collaborator for your project? Use the button on the left to make your request!