UARTS Course Development Grants

UARTS Course Development Grants support the development of courses to be offered under the UARTS pre-fix, and that integrate the arts and design with other disciplines, especially those in engineering and the sciences. 

Individual grants of up to $2,500 are available, and can support improving or changing an existing course to meet the UARTS criteria, as well as developing new courses. Grants of more than $2,500 will be considered for exceptional course needs.

Courses may be proposed in a variety of durations, credit levels, and formats – full semester, recurring, mini-courses, pop-ups, MOOCs, etc.). 

Additional grant funds (up to $5,000) may be made available to develop new specific UARTS courses – to fulfill a requested pre-requisite or to fill some identified unmet need.  These special grants, with any additional criteria, may have separate application, submission and review requirements.


Any currently employed instructional faculty in any of the 4 North Campus schools and colleges at the Ann Arbor campus (tenure, non-tenure, clinical, research), as well as adjunct and lecturers who have continuing appointments and course development responsibilities (permission from the dean, chair or designee to develop a new course or significantly revise an existing course) may apply for a UARTS Faculty Course Development Grant.


The course development process has multiple steps (including approval through the UARTS Faculty Curriculum Council), so successful grantees are expected to instruct new UARTS courses by the end of the semester corresponding to the granting semester the previous year (i.e. Grant awarded Fall 2017 – Course offered prior to or during Fall 2018 semester). 

Application/Submission Procedures 

Faculty applicants will:



For Lecturers only:  Please submit an email from your departmental chairperson or designee confirming that the proposal is being submitted by a Lecturer who has a continuing appointment on the Ann Arbor campus at U-M and course development responsibilities (permission from the dean, chair or designee to develop a new course or significantly revise an existing course).  Send email to, with “UARTS Faculty Development Grant” in the subject line.

Faculty may apply multiple times for a UARTS Faculty Course Development Grant, but may only hold one grant at any given time.  Grants are considered completed at the beginning of the semester in which the course is taught for the first time, or the date of the first class (in the case of mini or pop-up courses).


Allowable expenses for this UARTS Faculty Course Development Grant include, but are not limited to:

  • Course supplies and equipment
  • Reasonable travel and honoraria for guest instructors
  • Programming or research assistance
  • Student field trips
  • Conference/workshops fees and expenses directly related to course teaching
  • Summer planning or projects for course development or enhancement

Ineligible expenses include:

  • Course expenses previously incurred for existing courses

Funding Decisions

Funding decisions will be made in consultation with the UARTS Faculty Curriculum Council, creating the best opportunity for course approval at the end of the developmental period.   Please allow 2-4 weeks for final decision notification.

Grants will be made throughout the U-M fiscal year until funds are exhausted.  Later year deadlines may be withdrawn based on available funding.

Logistical Support

ArtsEngine, with support of the College of Engineering, home departments and the UARTS Faculty Curriculum Council, will work with new UARTS course faculty to coordinate and complete the approval process, course logistics, registration and marketing.

Reporting Requirements

Faculty grant recipients will be asked to report on course metrics and outcomes, as well as changes or improvements that may be made for future versions of the course (via online web form).  They are also expected to complete a survey regarding the course development and granting process, and administer a survey to course participants.

Questions and Consultations

Unsuccessful applicants may be invited to consult with ArtsEngine to adjust and re-submit through a consultative process, if the proposed course is determined to be supportable with additional development.

For more information, or to schedule a pre-submission consultation, contact Deb Mexicotte, Managing Director of ArtsEngine or