UARTS Course Offerings

The UARTS suite of courses was created to expand student’s access to courses centered on the arts, creative process, interdisciplinary instruction and problem or project based learning.

Winter 2017
UARTS 250/550: Creative Process
(Lead Instructor Stephen Rush, SMTD)
3 credits: Undergraduate/Graduate

Taught in the Winter semester, Creative Process (UARTS 250) is a three-credit course that immerses students — first- year through fourth-year, from all units — in the creative process.  Team-taught by faculty from each of the North Campus units, CP provides students the opportunity to pursue intensive, hands-on creative work in four modalities — sound, motion, visual images and objects, and language — any or all of which come into play in their final course project.

The objective of Creative Process is to de-mystify creativity for students in all U-M units and years: to teach students that creativity is not a character trait or an event, but a process — one that will challenge their sense of competence and mastery, but that they can understand and eventually master, transforming both themselves and their work.

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