a2ru emerging creatives student summit

This year’s theme RISE UP! Risk Something Real

From the neighborhoods to our collective memory, Civic unrest has shaped Cincinnati in many ways. As host of the 2020 a2ru Emerging Creatives Student Summit, we will dive into Cincinnati’s long history of civic unrest and use our insights as a springboard to meaningful dialogue and the development of creative calls to action against social injustice and inequality. The UC Summit will draw on UC’s strengths in the creative & performing arts, humanities, and science, technology, engineering, and medicine as well as our urban location to inform, inspire, and compel students around the nation to rise up in the name of peace and justice.

  • Galvanizing & active presentations
  • Visceral & Immediate activities
  • Energizing & Clarifying overall experience for all

Join us this coming February 20-23 to advance your own creative work or research through interdisciplinary collaboration with your peers at leading institutions across the U.S. Undergraduate and graduate students in any and all fields are welcome, particularly those that care about and have a deep interest in the concept of this year’s theme.

ArtsEngine is accepting applications from students from each of its five supporting schools and colleges to build an interdisciplinary team of 5 students to represent the University of Michigan. U-M students will work with student representatives from other a2ru partner institutions during the summit. Applications will be reviewed by the associate deans and ArtsEngine faculty liaisons from each school/college and the selected student will be notified within one week of the deadline to allow time to make travel arrangements. Selected students are welcome to apply for funding through the a2ru student travel grant or a2ru scholars programsU-M student representatives will have the opportunity to present to the associate deans upon return to campus.

2020 team

  • Elijah Richards, CoE sophomore
  • Angela Chih, SI masters student
  • John Roselli, SMTD sophomore
  • Grace Burleson, CoE PhD
  • Najwat Rehman, Stamps masters student