faculty affiliate program

To better fulfill and expand its mission to “…provid(e) a framework in which curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and passion are engaged through interdisciplinary teaching, learning, research, and community”, ArtsEngine is announcing the launch of a new Faculty Affiliate program in Fall 2023.  This new effort is designed to bring together faculty from the five North Campus schools and colleges who are interested in expanding the impact of interdisciplinary research, teaching, and collaboration through their individual efforts and collectively, with other Faculty Affiliates and ArtsEngine, at UM and beyond.  

The ArtsEngine Faculty Affiliates are expected to be a diverse group of scholars who have a central interest in working across interdisciplinary boundaries in the arts, engineering, information science, and technology. Membership as a Faculty Affiliate is open to all University of Michigan faculty members in the North Campus schools and colleges whose teaching and/or research activities require and appreciate the input, collaboration, and processes associated with broadly interdisciplinary work. Affiliates will bring a wide range of professional research, teaching, and mentoring experiences to this effort and will provide input to help shape the future direction of ArtsEngine.


  • ArtsEngine provides a supportive scholarly environment where affiliates have access to a network of faculty members and graduate students who share experiences, act as mentors, and collaborate on research and teaching related to interdisciplinary efforts across the arts, engineering, information, and technology.
  • ArtsEngine organizes colloquia, conferences, coffee hours, and other related activities, which foster interdisciplinary contacts, connections, and community; and improve research opportunities.
  • ArtsEngine facilitates and amplifies affiliate interdisciplinary research, teaching, projects, and community on its website, on social media, and in the larger campus and local community.
  • ArtsEngine provides information and workshops about funding opportunities and has its own small grants program for which only Faculty Affiliates are eligible.
  • ArtsEngine, in partnership with a2ru, facilitates and supports participation in annual national conferences and inclusion of research in the interdisciplinary journal, Groundworks.
  • ArtsEngine, in partnership with the Duderstadt Center, provides access to technological resources and expertise, as well as Faculty Commons space for collaboration, exhibition and project work.
  • Invited to participate in ArtsEngine symposia, showcases, conferences, workshops, and faculty focused events.
  • Advise ArtsEngine on advocacy efforts for the support and expansion of interdisciplinary initiatives.

applying for faculty affiliate

Faculty members interested in becoming affiliates should send the following information to the ArtsEngine Faculty Director, John Granzow at jgranzow@umich.edu by October 9, 2023

  • A cover letter expressing interest in becoming a ArtsEngine Faculty Affiliate, a description of current and planned interdisciplinary research, teaching, and/or other interest and expertise, and how becoming a Faculty Affiliate will benefit their personal and professional development, students and faculty at UM, other communities or stakeholders, or their respective fields.
  • A current CV

The Faculty Director will review the materials sent by the prospective affiliate faculty member and, in consultation with the UARTS Curriculum Committee, will appoint successful applicants for renewable three-year terms.