previous projects

Matias del Campo
This project has embarked on creating large-scale repositories that contain annotated plans and house 3D models that would allow everyone to interrogate design based on high-quality datasets.
Rebekah Modrak
UnProductive Solutions is an artwork that will collectively imagine a technological world with a soul. UnProductiveSolutions will be structured as an umbrella “company” developing services that mimic, disrupt, and challenge current uses and assumptions associated with existing technologies.
Dawn Gilpin
Development of tools enabling methods of spatial investigation in design and presentation using immersive technologies. The tutorials, workflows, and app development enable conceptual extensions of foundational techniques for students in triangulation, drawing, and modeling.
Lars Junghans
DomusSol, is a new building standard that has the goal to combine affordability and sustainability for net-zero buildings in the US.
Áine Heneghan
This project uses computational tools to analyze the jigs collected (1) by James Goodman in south-west Ireland during the 1860s and (2) by Stephen Grier in north-west Ireland during the 1880s. It further considers the question of regional differentiation, which is analogous to dialects of a language.
Anthony Vanky
[Smile.], is a research project that seeks to make transparent artificial intelligence technologies. We ask in what ways and for whom are these algorithms (in-)accurate? Specifically, [Smile.] is an interactive installation that uses computer vision to measure human affect.
Julien Malherbe
Superior’s Song is a musical piece derived entirely from data about Lake Superior. Using the programming language Python, I created a program that converts data from four measured environmental factors into coherent musical tracks.
Emily Smith
Plastic Abodes will be a multimedia artwork drawing on dance, sculpture, and film to explore the permeable membrane between the natural and unnatural.
Gary Zhang
This project looks at ways architecture might play a role in restoration ecology and addresses the inequities caused by urban development in ground dwelling organisms through a collection of digital images of speculative habitats and the physical production of a “seed quilt” that will regraft native Michigan flora onto the landscape as a form of land art.
Dani Canan, Dee Vibhatasilpin, Elijah Underhill-Miller, Lauren Strawn, Rachel Goodin
For our project we were given the theme Revolve. Our take on this was to each come up with a survey to pass to another group member to question them more about their interior life, to see what they ‘revolve’ around. Using those responses, we each attempted to exemplify the ideas and data through song.
Alan Yang, Anna Gaishin, Dani Tutak, Harrison Biggs, Joshua Sum, Madison Forstner
We have chosen to interpret our theme, “Redistribute,” as taking parts of one object and spreading them around. By incorporating each constituent part into something new (in this case a resin cast object), not only do we return value to the object, but we also allow that value to exist in multiple forms to multiple people.
John Marinan, Lucy Kaffenbarger, Maggie Xiang, Peninnah Posey, Zan Huang
Based on the word “reform,” our project consists of five books, each one reformed by a corresponding member of our team. Each person was free to take their subproject whatever direction they chose, whether it be a sculpture, book folding, or other manipulation. We treated this project as a learning experience about the creative processes within others and that within ourselves.
Daniel Cho, Lauryn Leuenberger, Lili Omilian, Min Hermon, Pranjal Sharma
The project takes materials that we would throw away, discard, or give little thought to after its purpose has been fulfilled and reforms them into a sort of sculpture.
Charles Bolocan, Eric Oliveira, Megan Klein, Molly Gaffey, Terry Li
Our presentation is the culmination of research and experimentation surrounding the use of water in our lives. Though it is such a valuable resource, our team began this process completely unaware of how much we used on a day-to-day basis. Thus, we decided to track our water usage with both normal and conservative habits.
Isabella Wood, Kendra Kleber, Kim Nguyen
We have created a digital rock collection. Because of the online format of this year, we chose to make a digital project so the audience could interact with each piece. There is a main slide showing the collection of all pieces, and from there, the viewer is able to select a rock to view in more detail, alongside its story.
Lahana Maija, Luke Lee, Nandita Gupta, Ted Ivanac III
An animation that changed art styles so that we could each display our different styles.
Adam Lenhart, Alyssa Wilcome, Hannah Powell, Joseph McGuire, Josh Dukes, Pedro Fonseca, Samuel Russel, Sarah Gery, Taylor Splingaire
Word art to visually depict a subject that they thought was remarkable. Our approaches were somewhat varied: some of us used Photoshop or another software to overlay text on top of an image, while others opted to hand-draw or paint it. Each image is made out of our own words, either in the form of a story, or multiple key words/phrases. In this way, each image is composed of what makes it meaningful or significant to us.
Alex Burgaud, Kaitlyn Onela, Katie Ballard, Kevin Ji, Ries Plescher, Sarah Multer
A web comic depicting how intertwined everything that we are trying to reform is within our society. It functions like a choose your own adventure story, where the choices you make affect the outcome of the story line and the world around you. We made this with Google websites where we were able to use some of our programming skills and art skills to combine different things and get the website to work how we wanted it to.
Jack Morin, Jennifer Gao, Katja Ampe, Matthew Priskorn
A game functioning pretty much the same as a usual chess, except that we play it on the inner sides of a 7x7x7 cube. There are four blocks on four sides indicating in white and black in the game and the pieces cannot go through it. We have provided two options for players, an online option as well as an offline option, you can enjoy the game either with a friend beside you or playing online.
Abigail Seguin, Alexander Constantino, Alliyiah Torrey, Christina Sheckler, Emily Yi, Matthew Eggers, Zaynab Alsaedy
A short video that allows the audience to witness the day of strangers around the world using Google Street View. Based on the term “revolve”, the video highlights that even though an individual’s life may differ from another across the globe, we are more similar than different. We all breathe, eat, and walk under the same sky.
Brandon Mack, Meera Kumar, Sajjad Ali Khan, Sean Thursby
A website that showcases a compilation of parts of a story submitted by survey participants. Participants were asked to write one of five parts of the generic story structure without context of the other parts.
Tate Fisher
A multimedia piece that explores what happens to the things we build after their creators are gone; is what we make destroyed along with us, or do fragments of it remain? Based off of the ancient city of Pompeii, VIIXIX goes through four movements describing the city’s history- the morning of Mt. Vesuvius’ eruption, the few hours beforehand, the centuries after, and the city’s eventual rediscovery. Each section is presented alongside an array of light with colors representing the timbre of the sound. Written by Tate Fisher (CoE) as part of the Thompson Prize.
Angela M. Schöpke Gonzalez
This project explores how scores and improvisation can support Information researchers’ work as results presentation methods. In a study that I conducted in Fall 2020, I found that scores and improvisation can support researchers in engaging critical reflection about their positionalities and roles in shaping research outcomes. Building on these findings, I propose re-engaging with participants to develop a score and improvisation-based presentation of our results, offering Information researchers insights about how these methods can help us share knowledge.
Nathan Byrne
This immersive installation is an architectural structure surrounded by a labyrinth. There is an ambients core emitting from a directional speaker within this enclosure. The dimly lit interior is activated by a slowly pulsing light source and sculptural elements. There is an artist book in the room which contains poetry printed on white paper with white ink, the text is visible with the aid of a UV light affixed to the book’s stand.
Zia Zhao
Kaitlyn Tom
What does it mean to be “at home”? Is it a place? A person? A thing? A feeling? Perhaps for BIPOC, the concept of “home” is wrapped in a multitude of emotions and history. HOME is a filmed cabaret that encourages BIPOC students at the U-M to describe the feeling of being ‘home’ to them through performative art. Through this, we hope to nurture a collaborative environment in which students from diverse races, ethnicities, and schools can use art to better understand what "home" means to them.
Naveen Sabharwal
The Michigan Animation Club provides students with the skills and portfolio pieces to make them competitive in the entertainment industry. During the semester, our members will be participating in a group project that walks them through the full process of storyboarding, character design, key animation, background animation, and compositing.
Waylon Richmond
A set of ‘smart’ analog interventions that address the rapidly evolving ‘smart city’. The project engages in the fields of architecture, design, art, IT, behavior science, and mechanical engineering. Are we free to choose what we put our energy into? Are we aware if and when our energy is being manipulated? How do we flex power over unseen energy harvesters?
Amber Renton
Project Cloud is WolverineSoft Studio's semester-long project. Around 30 students from a variety of disciplines work together to create a video game using Unity. This project goes through several stages of iteration, where members are put on tight deadlines to complete work and receive feedback. At the end of the semester, the project will be shown off at the EECS 494 student showcase and at IGDA (International Game Developers Association) and will remain as a portfolio piece for all of those involved. This semester, we're doing a case study of the games Deep Rock Galactic and Dead Cells, where we'll recreate many of the games’ mechanics while coming up with our own theme and narrative.
Stephanie Prestage
The Blue Note Vocal Jazz Ensemble is putting together a thirty-minute film inspired by the 20-60s songbook movie musical period with the storyline told entirely through vocal jazz arrangements, incorporating a cappella, piano, bass, drums, narration, and dance. We desire to bring the show to audiences in the comfort of their own homes, to be enjoyed as a film presentation of a storyline connected by songs.
Samuel Dunlap
This collaborative, multi-media art project addresses environmental issues in Wyoming. A group of six artists, who all have an interest in creative engagement with the natural world, will find creative ways to experience, express, and spread awareness about the extensive coal mining and forest fires there.
Christine Bruening
This project will investigate the dissemination and reception of digitally rendered artwork created and disbursed within the context of COVID restrictions through a series of outreach surveys and interviews. The project will be self-reflexive, and the interviews and survey results will become a part of the original project itself.
Jordyn Axelrod
Hopelessly Yellow is a blog and social media duo that includes relatable, thought-provoking articles, art, and music all composed by undergraduate U-M students. Rather than devoting content to one area of interest, such as fashion, food, or current events, contributors are instead able to explore a variety of territories. In a world with so much hopelessness, we want to highlight the Hopelessly Yellow times – the small moments that make you excited and grateful to be alive.
Valerie Le
Skating Tree Town is a publication that chronicles Ann Arbor's rich skateboarding history and culture. Using visual design, photography, interviews, and historical archives, this book attempts to synthesize Ann Arbor skate culture and its community in a tangible way for skaters and readers to enjoy.
Albert Che
Project Mural Town is a virtual exhibition that features works from artists all around the world to present a space that promotes creativity and imagination without limitations or boundaries.
Shiqing (Licia) He
By designing, developing, and evaluating GDTs that support the design of three distinct types of craft, my dissertation investigates this novel framework for building design-aid tools.
Joe Soonthornsawad
I seek to shape an artistic process that will help me understand the experiences of and co-create a video piece with Turkers. Through this collaboration, it is my goal to amplify the human stories of crowdwork and explore the relationship between human labor and technological progress.
Griffin Candey
A collaboration with Griffin Candey (composer,) Drew Hosler (saxophone,) and a video artist from STAMPS to create a new multimedia work to be performed and recorded in the Duderstadt Center.
Ellie Schmidt
An artistic collaboration exchanging hand-written water letters (poems, dream diaries, and essays) will expand creating a zine, installations, and a call and response film as process-oriented work inviting the public to reflect on their own memories of water.
Levana Wang
Emotional Creature tells the story of young girls around the world growing into their adolescence. It brings light to the struggles that teenage girls undergo. It strives to seek change and right the wrongs that have been imposed on young girls.
Brian Pekar
The Ann Arbor Public Wifi Collective addresses the growing disparity and urgency in internet access that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Targeting lower income and disadvantaged areas, the project builds off of the existing local transit infrastructure to optimize and give new agency to a public service preparing for new use conditions.
Rey Jeong
My project involves inviting community members to critically engage in uncomfortable yet necessary dialogue about racial identity. I am outfitting an electioneering truck, inspired by those frequently seen during the Korean election season, as a platform to share narratives through voices of POC. Screens attached to the vehicle will broadcast a series of films called, Cascade Voices. I will invite the public to share experiences of marginalization or to respond to the questions posed in the films.
Megan Finley
Fire Follies focuses on re-designing and re-constructing structures to be more forest fire resistant. We are interested in studying cases of building destruction through forest fires to develop new construction systems and techniques which can be more durable, resilient, and environmentally conscious.
Varun Jindal
We are battling Zoom isolation by creating a better way for students to communicate and interact in school. We began with giving students a study group in their class. Then connected students with the rest of their class via group chat. Now we want to create an app that facilitates more connection between students in this isolating time.
Tal Kamin
We Are Queens is a non-profit female empowerment organization committed to fostering a groundbreaking future through the arts. We are excited to continue growing, creating, and empowering via our next Music Video focused on raising awareness for mental health through the arts.
Najwat Rehman
Leveraging speculative critical design to facilitate evidence-based policymaking to address climate change-induced food security vulnerabilities in Pakistan. An interactive website that translates research and projections about Pakistan's climate change-related food security vulnerabilities into local, visual and relatable future scenarios using speculative critical design methods.
David Sohn
Project Rogue is WolverineSoft Studio's semester-long project. This semester, a student team of around 25 programmers, designers, and musicians, are developing a game based on the post-apocalyptic rogue-like top-down shooter, "Nuclear Throne".
Maggie Roback
A film documenting the once vibrant local music scene of a small town in Southeast Michigan while investigating why it virtually disappeared.
Madison Caldwell
Cheers, is an interdisciplinary group of students on campus who are fighting for digital accessibility for older adults. This team is creating a website extension that will transform the digital experience for older adults and will redesign Gmail and Zoom, making them applications that are more user-friendly and accessible.
Alex Vernon, Megan Finley, Sydney Gembka
“Yes, And...” explored the intersection of architecture and performance in an attempt to understand the interconnectedness of each discipline. The end result paved the way for a larger concept - a website that hosts live performances across many disciplines.
Colin Cusimano, Francesca Romano, Haley Mayes, Jacob Ward, Ryan Cox
Virtual Venues aims to restore the unique setting of live performance to the digital realm by emphasizing what usually fades into the background: the venue. While the magic of sharing a space with noise, artists, and a sea of fellow fans can never be replaced, digitally, we can bring to the forefront the place where the magic happens.
Aislinn Bailie, Akari Komura, Christine Darragh, Hannah Kirkpatrick, Hannah Marcus, Karina Tirado, Sheena Hui, Waylon Richmond
The project aims to amplify the placeness of physical spaces and local voices by using a digital platform. Live streaming the performances enables new spatial relations between neighbors and widens engagement.
Catherine Kenzie, Jamie Johnson, Kaya Ramirez, Nick Warren
Shmood.Studio is a platform for virtual artistic collaboration and performance that attempts to take advantage of both the benefits and downfalls of current technologies to create an immersive user experience that is completely separate from the physical world.
Austin Ehrhardt, Logan Gare, Rosa Manzo, Zoe Faylor
Patch/Work is an open-source resource for (non)performers seeking to repurpose quotidian environments into low-budget spaces for sonic production.
Celia Olsen, Elyssa Bakker, Jenna Moon
Our project uses a hybrid of real-time performance and AR experience to create a new ritual memorializing the lives lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Gabriel Guerra, Joseph Mutone, Senhao Wang, Yangtian Yan
A translatable library of visual elements and sonic patterns, musicians and architects can communicate in their own comfort zone and design a digital space together.
Liyah George, Mytreyi Chandrasekhar Metta, Shraddha Jain, Sophia Janevic
Our video depicts one of the many paths an audience member might take on their unique journey through the nodes. The performance featured is “She-e-e-e-e” by SMTD student Megan Rohrer, performed with her group Converge Quartet.
Laida Aguirre
This multidisciplinary symposium / performance attempts to respond to the questions.... What if we make no new things? What models of material circulation can designers engage that don't rely on producing new objects/buildings?
Somangshu Mukherji
This project develops computational techniques for realizing the inner (alto and tenor) parts, from the given bass and soprano parts, for the 4-part chorales by Georg Philipp Telemann demonstrating how composers write 4-part chorales, thus providing a window into musical creativity.
Hannah Smotrich, Stephanie Rowden
This project will develop and test the impact of a COVID-safe creative intervention to educate students and encourage participation in the 2020 election producing an analog and digital “Voting Party in a Box” — a college-voting-specific kit that allows students to gather in small, COVID-appropriate groups to learn about and celebrate voting.
Osman Khan
1001++ (Magical Technologies) revisits the magical and fantastical found in folktales from South Asia, the Middle East, and other Muslim and immigrant traditions as inspiration for the development of a new body of video, performative sculptures, and interactive installations.
Catie Newell
Co-optics seeks to scientifically and artfully deploy design information and digital fabrication, revealing unexpected moments of glow, obscurity, or color shifts, made possible through a robust and shared integrative physical and computational platform.
Maite Iribarren
Physical manifestation of a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). The product is a playful and mystical, yet tangible impression of a CME. The Space Noise sculpture is composed of a main volume on stands that precisely position the volume just above eye level.
Maite Iribarren
Landscape of a CME is produced through triangulations of data and scientific metadata into visual form language.
John Roselli, Rachel London
Natsume Ono
[wabi sabi] draws on the Japanese idea of beauty in the "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".
Anna Brooks, Joe Iovino
This project was inspired by paper-cut animations in NYT Op-Docs' Animated Life series, as well as the music of Andrew Bird, amongst other things, for their artistic interpretation of scientific concepts and the history surrounding them and created following and Art/Sci Residency with Professor Mark Moldwin's Climate Space Science Lab.
Amanda Kalbuadi
Through this art piece, I try to express how lucky we are that in the chaotic mess where anything and everything can go wrong, everything seems to be in place and order. We have people who dedicate their entire lives to researching about magnetometers that can help us understand the structure of the Earth’s magnetosphere (for educational purposes or to help us detect events before they occur) and even alternatives of living in a different planet just in case Earth is not safe anymore.
Conner Darling, Sindhu Giri
As an artist in resident at the Space Research Center, University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, I’m specifically working within the NASA funded Magnetometer Lab. I’m collaborating with my fellow resident artist—a percussionist—to develop an immersive environment within a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). We want to introduce an experiential narrative of a geomagnetic storm so that it can be understood beyond a purely scientific perspective.
Heidi Liu
Two concept cars that will demonstrate the importance of combining future technology and exterior transportation design for efficient, accessible forms of mobility in consultation with MCity, student engineers, and professionals in the auto industry.
Joe Iovino
For my Integrative Senior Thesis Project, I will create new plaques to temporarily accompany plaques around Ann Arbor, in order to call attention to them and put them in context.
Anna Urso, Bruna IunesSanches, Erica Gardner
Microbial Masterpieces is a continuously evolving project devoted to helping people understand the importance of the microbial world, conceived in response to Scientists’ warning to humanity: microorganisms and climate change, by Cavicchioli et al. We are funded by the Experiments in Translation Grant.
Anya Sirota
ARCH 672 is an interdisciplinary course that explores the intersection of art, architecture and urban development in Mexico City’s socio-economically marginalized neighborhoods.
Michael Gurevich, Sile O'Modhrain
Engineering Applications of Media Technology, focuses on examining how existing and emerging technical resources can be co-opted as part of the process of performing interactive art.
Clare Croft
Damon Locks will attend the class and give hands-on instruction in his turntable methods, discussing how he works to “queer” (undermine the gendered assumptions) about dj-ing.
Robin Brewer
We hosted our annual retreat for the MISC seminar series.
David Bloom
Carol Lempert is uniquely suited to present a customized Innovation Change Agent Workshop for SI-663, combining elements of theater, operations, and social-psychology.
Amy Chavasse
This is a working examination of processes by which ideas emerge and are given body/shape/life in movement and physical expression; In this course, we will investigate, practice and analyze methods for gaining proficiency in contemporary partnering through improvisation.
Endi Poskovic
In this course, students explore paper making applying Japanese and East-Asian methods. Individual and group projects explore both traditional and experimental production of Japanese paper (Washi) from the long inner fibers of tree plants, the application of rice starch paste (Nori) as the vehicle in 3D-construction, engineering, art-making, book-binding, and hand-rubbing pigments with a Japanese baren from inked surfaces of timber plywood (Shina) to produce water color woodcut prints (Moku-hanga).
Christianne Myers
Using BioArtography as a source of inspiration, I wish to re-skill with new resources in order to teach them to students in the future.
Eleni Gourgou
The first 3D interactive C. elegans nervous system prototype Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) nematode, broadly used worldwide in experimental biology, is the only organism of which the entire connectome is fully mapped.
Sophia Brueckner
An interdisciplinary team bridging art/design and engineering will investigate and review available IoT technologies for the purpose of building speculative, functional wearables and IoT prototypes.
Jacob Comerci, Tiffany Ng
As architecture and music faculty, we are developing a week-long interdisciplinary workshop that brings carillon students (from SMTD, LSA, and CoE) and architecture students together.
Charli Brissey
This interdisciplinary symposium will bring together renowned artists and scholars across the fields of dance, science and technology studies, and women’s studies who are currently working at the intersections of performance, art, and ecology.
Susan Funkenstein
Subvention, image reproductions, copyrights, translator, and indexer for a book, scheduled for publication by the University of Michigan Press in Summer 2020.
Stephen Rush
Prototype multimedia installation–part science, part music, part art–that captures an ongoing and precarious transition in the history of our planet: anthropogenic climate change.
Rowan Renee
“Love Letters” is an exhibition of text-based art works that explore intersections of gender, sexuality and misogyny in three archives of correspondence with incarcerated individuals: Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber), Russell Smith (a prison reform activist against the sexual assault of gay inmates), and my father’s letters to me.
Laura Magnusson
This research/creation program supports a visual thesis, a video testimonial, that includes underwater fieldwork in Cozumel, Mexico to record sound and capture video, the creation of a stop motion animation sequence, and partial post-production of the final work.
Calvin Montana-Macedo
The project’s purpose is to provide evidence about the effectiveness of art-based intervention with youth with a chronic illness.
Kirandeep Bhumber
This project proposes the development of Phulkari, an interactive multimedia performance involving textiles, dance, music and visualizations.
Matias Vilaplana
Synthetic Bodies Technology is constantly shaping the ways we interact and communicate.
Jeff Siegfried
Our project aims to utilize a richly interdisciplinary methodology to generate new ideas and a unique, musical-spatial performance.
Christopher Karounos
10 Degrees is a game that imbues scientific literacy about reforestation and climate change.
Alaa Algargoosh, Babak Soleimani
The emotional impact of Aural Architecture Architectural acoustics is the science that deals with sound inside buildings, and many researchers argue that the physical measurements of architectural acoustics do not precisely reflect the human aural experience.
Market women are a major socio-economic force in Ghana – they run the bustling marketplaces and are the primary drivers of the informal economy.
Kaylee Tucker, Leonard Bopp, Tyler Gaeth
Despite significant experiential differences between music and architecture, we believe a shared vocabulary between the disciplines is both possible and important.
Mario Vircha
Migrare, an interdisciplinary and international dance and videography performance project.
Melissa Coppola
Lights in the Sky: a [perspective] production [perspective] is a conceptual concert series that re-envisions the time-honored art form of the piano recital into an immersive, multi-sensory experience.
Megan Rohrer
The Infinite Detail of this Place & Time is an immersive multimedia project of improvised music, live video, and audience participation.
Brandon Patterson
Our project centers on creating a children’s book that, through an illustrated story themed around the research topics of two engineering graduate students, will engaging children’s imaginations and curiosity to excite them about science.
Omid Torghabehi
The Cadenza is a prefabricated performance space, coupled with a digital platform.
Alireza Seyedahmadian
The Alzheimer Project is an interactive installation with the purpose of creating an atmospheric experience for creating empathy and awareness towards Alzheimer patients.
Gideon Schwartzman
This research proposal aims to chronologically depict a century of conflict, from 1915-2015, through the interdisciplinary lens of history, art, urban planning, and the primary focus of architecture.
Jonathan Hanna
Design Forum: Walls of Inclusion Competition an interdisciplinary design competition that attempts to make evident the effects of ethics and politics on design practice, to be followed by an exhibition of the winning work and a publication to document the event.
Carolyn Gennari
Inspired by the arctic voyages of Captain William Parry from 1819-1826, this collaboration with students and faculty at the University of Michigan will develop a performance that reflects the layered history of the arctic from the time of 19th century exploration to current anxieties facing the region today.
Alisa Yang, Chelsea Tinsler
This project seeks to realize Andy Akiho’s musical composition, Stop Speaking for solo snare drum and digital playback, through a combination of live performance and a newly crafted fixed mixed media presentation.
Jon Verney
By synthesizing traditional darkroom processes with environmental science, I have formulated a means of redeveloping and chemically toning black and white silver gelatin prints in sulphuric geothermal waters.
Justine Smith
History, is a multimedia installation combining items like a beautiful barrel chair that is being thrown away as my family is beginning to move off the farm that has been in the family for generations, and 8mm film taken by the family at the peak of the farm.
Nikki Horowitz
PERSONAL PROJECTIONS is a collaborative multimedia documentary video series that utilizes projection interaction between actors, dancers, and musicians.
Emily Dibble
You Touched Me incorporates the arts, technology, and feminist science research to create a multimedia art project.
Maya Crossman
This multimedia gallery installation at the Stamps School creates a sequence of enclosed environments that takes participants through a journey of sensory processing.
Lindsey Abdale
This installation of a series of prints (woodcuts, lithographs, screen prints, intaglio, etc.) throughout Nichols Arboretum in conjunction with an original musical composition, investigates textures and patterns in nature.
Veniece Session
BOLD is an art and sound senior thesis exhibit that wanders through various modes of expression: literary arts, visual arts, and music performance to explore a radical understanding of Blackness and overall self-love.
Isaac Levine
Tower of Babel is a sculptural sound installation utilizing instruments imitating speech mechanisms to create a sound environment that blurs the line between vocalization and texture.
Fidelia Lam
Sway is an interactive sound and visual art sculpture installation involving custom modified hammocks with interactive audio/visual elements.
Zachary Kolodziej
The project is a “variety show” that showcases original music, comedy, movement, and animation created in collaboration with many student artists and performers.
Maxwell Karmazyn
This music education app, Soloist Now, listens to the nuances of a musician playing a piece, and adjusts the tempo, dynamics, and phrasing of the provided orchestral accompaniment like a conductor of a real orchestra would.
Noniko Hsu
Asah & Raeq is a public performance that takes on the approach of a blend of video game, animation & classical music.
Carolina Heredia
This new music ensemble is collaborating with software designers to construct a new concert experience.
Sophia Goldberg
Blame the Baby is a multimedia performance piece that considers the strengths and inadequacies of language in an episodic sketch format.
Keenan Rebera
In order to promote more awareness of the great sculptures on campus, this initiative makes them more interactive.
Aaron Chow
Current digitization means taking the physical book, making a digital copy, and asking readers to view images on a screen.
Austin Mitchell
This project combines new theories in acoustics, architecture, and digital fabrication with the tradition of violin making.
Alexandria Zang
Four additional platforms for CAPS to reach students include (1) new vinyl signage for the Wellness Center walls, (2) pre-made bulletin boards for Residence Halls, (3) a CAPS activity calendar/mindfulness booklet, (4) an interactive webpage that directs to CAPS website with an aim to increase visibility, and reduce stigma for mental health.
Gus Schissler
Temperamental Tech is a collection of product prototypes that asks, “what if our technological devices required a symbiotic relationship in order to function properly?”
Tanner Petch
This project is an interactive installation in the form of an arcade.
Jay Moskowitz
This is a larger than life seated puppet that I can climb inside and animate to perform stand up comedy live.
Mia Massimino
Call Your Mom’s, A House will take many forms: projection, movement, and interactive experiences. The works in A House are united under themes of intimacy, privacy, and voyeurism.
Amy Kamdem
This project explores contemporary African culture, as it exists among black immigrants in the US. Using the anthropological concept of the discursive tradition as a lens, I will design functional serving ware that captures African customs while allowing for adaptive iterative use.
Marisa Diamond
Generation C(ircus) is an integrative project through the School of Art & Design. The project will center on circus arts education and youth empowerment and leadership.
Sara Ciaramella
Kraken Foods is a student start-up that is focused on ending aesthetically motivated food waste.
Ruth Burke
Keeping Everyone Comfortable is an immersive sound installation that acts as a passageway into the MFA thesis exhibition, Of the Quiet.
Anna Brooks
Action Potential is a multimedia, data-representative performance with an aesthetic twist.
Ellen Wallace
This event is an immersive and collaborative haunted performance event taking place at Trotter Multicultural Center on October 22, 2016.
Robert Maynard
This work comprises a nonlinear dance film and an original online platform that investigates how the internet creates alternate modes of engagement for audiences of dance film.
Kayla Mathes
Video depicting the local impacts of climate change to Michigan that will then be accompanied by a newly composed solo cello score and performed on a senior recital.
Larissa Marten
I Killed the Cow is a devised, solo, multi-media theatre piece written under the supervision of Gillian Eaton, Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of Michigan. It will be performed in the Duderstadt Video Center in March 2017.
Carolina Heredia
Ausencias/Ausências/Absences takes its artistic impetus from the last writings of three South American female poets who took their own lives: Violeta Parra from Chile, Alfonsina Storni from Argentina and Ana Cristina Cesar from Brazil.
Helen Haas
Written by singer, researcher and composer Kamala Sankaram with libretto by Rob Handel, Enchantressfocuses on Ada Lovelace, early contributor to the foundation of computer programming.
Baldwin Giang
This project will present and record the premiere performance of a new interdisciplinary work with music by composer Baldwin Giang and newly commissioned text by award-winning queer poet Warner James Wood (2016 M.F.A. graduate from U-M’s Helen Zell Writer’s program).
Kevin Allswede
This project involves both performance and research components.
Grace Bydalek
Through a literary magazine and website, Solos’ mission is to have an impact in promoting school-wide unity, showcase the work of writers and artists within SMTD in a format not currently available, create meaningful relationships through readings and other magazine events, and expand the breadth of collaboration within SMTD.
Simmone Dubois
Our studio defined clear goals for the couch cover which includes spill-proof/waterproof to make it easier for spills to be cleaned, easy installation, standardization (to fit multiple couches since furniture is usually donated), secure when placed, and the ability to provide support and comfort for users.
Peter Bongiorni
We are a student organization focused on bringing sustainable technology and arts education to the rural Pantanal region of Brazil.
Yangtian Yan
This machine is essentially a cubic shaped Chinese puzzle in which I also incorporate a few mechanisms.
Claire Zimmeth
A video and EP of trashy rock that will dance you through that depression.
Brenna K. Murphy
This exhibition of art works will be displayed in the Stamps Gallery in downtown Ann Arbor.
Hannah Mabie
Chromatic Fluidity is a series of paintings, sculpture, and video pieces that interpret the sensation of nonlinear time focusing on the ephemeral nature of memory.
Emily Legleitner
A work in print media, fibers, metal, and light, explores the dichotomy of private and public view in the context of intimate partner violence and self-image.
Jack Hyland
This project a more environmentally sustainable alternative to the cultural expectations of the contemporary electric guitar.
Masimba Hwati
Mbende/Jerusarema Techno is a twenty-five minute performance art piece combining elements of Mbende/Jerusarema (a traditional Zimbabwean dance) and Detroit techno.
Anna Hardig
Unlike devices on the market, including pepper spray and knives, I am designing a women’s self-defense jacket that cannot be used against the victim.
Dara Firoozi
This project develops a series of wearables that incorporate therapeutic techniques called Grounding which uses the five senses: sight, scent, sound, touch, taste; to help someone cope when anxious or triggered.
Alicia Finnorn
Hide the Knives investigates the possibility of bringing people together and healing the political divide in our country through the experience of cooking together, sharing a meal, and discussing each other’s life experience and political opinions.
Stephanie Brown
This exhibit challenges the psychological decisions we make as we construct our identities pulling from dominant media, the judgement of our communities, and self-affirming family values, or lack thereof.
Anna Brooks
This project will be a collection of data-driven sonic landscapes that draw on data from Cassini-Huygens mission to hypothesize what it might sound like to walk through three of Saturn and Jupiter’s most dynamic moons: Titan, Enceladus, and Io.
Zoe Black
This project encapsulates the university experience in the 21st century through a series of dances that focus on various aspects of college life.
Zoe Black
This documentary explores the history of women’s representation in American media and its impact on informing female identity.
Rebecca Rosen
This project aims to encourage individuals to question assumptions about representation by presenting a series of manually revolving artist’s tools, each depicting different representations of a map of a globe.
Colin McCall
Framed by the current socio-political climate, the Back Pocket duo creates a new performance experience based around the themes of art as a means of promoting effective and empathetic communication.
Thomas Laub
An original musical written over the past three years by a Senior in the Musical Theatre Department that is being produced in the Duderstadt Video Studio, and is enabling interdisciplinary collaboration through the integration of various fields into the creative aspects of the production.
Teagan Faran
Every day, females face social obstacles in the classroom, the workplace, and even the sidewalk.
Thomas Laub
FOR THE RECORD is an original work written by Broadway performer and University of Michigan faculty member Geoff Packard.
Thomas Laub
This program explores belief during times of crisis within a newly conceived narrative.
Thomas Laub
The iconic 1981 musical by legendary composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim is being boldly brought to life through a staged concert production in the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre.
Spencer Haney
Over two day-long workshops in the summer of 2019, a group of ten high school students from Southeast Michigan public schools will participate in an intensive electronic music program taught by SMTD and Engineering students and alumni, alongside professional black electronic music artists.
Saswat Sahoo
MedLaunch hosts the Biodesign Challenge, a yearlong design competition that empowers students to innovate in healthcare.
Sarah Adams
Sure to be upside-down-right frightening!
Olivia Arau-McSweeney
This project should absolutely be publicized! Here is the description: Hailed by The Washington Post as “the breakthrough play that the world has been waiting for,” A DOLL’S HOUSE, PART 2 examines gender roles and how we communicate with those who disagree with us.
Mayela Rodriguez
This exhibition showcases a growing collection of cartonera-style “Latinx Readers” made by the University of Michigan’s Latinx community.
Martin McGuire
This project should absolutely be publicized! Here is the description: Hailed by The Washington Post as “the breakthrough play that the world has been waiting for,” A DOLL’S HOUSE, PART 2 examines gender roles and how we communicate with those who disagree with us.
Maite Iribarren
El Encanto is a sculptural installation that invites dialog between Cuban exiles in Miami and their descendants.
Madeleine Messinger
“Stories from the Typewriter” is a culmination of a year-long engagement project with the public.
Karalyn Schubring
“Six Ways to Dance” is a 16-minute long work for soprano saxophone and piano written by Karalyn Schubring (BM Composition ’20) for Jeff Siegfried (DMA Saxophone ’19).
Jung Yoon Wie
A multimedia work for string quartet, dance and digital video that addresses the complex and shifting dynamics of identity, otherness, and women’s marginalized experience, taking a syncretic approach to mapping female identity across the axes of the traditional, technological, contemporary, Korean, American, European, art and folk expressive modalities.
Jessie Mindel
Three students (two architecture, one PITE) are collaborating to tackle the challenge of integrating design, sustainability, and construction through a design/build pavilion that takes the course of two semesters (F’18/W’19).
Ezra Gans
Waving at Babies is a new theater piece for improvisors, in which we shall explore the everyday relationships we have with our surroundings and the degree to which we are apathetic towards them.
Emelyn Bashour
RSC present their debut in New York City at Spectrum, Brooklyn, with a show calling on the strength of the contemporary woman.
Elizabeth Kunert
Virago is an all new, all female Chamber Ensemble that will give their debut performance in MacIntosh Theatre, featuring video design by Camille Johnson and live video by Fee Christoph.
Courtney Ignace
Ento-Mouth is an art installation in which the viewer is immersed within an environment of soft-sculptures, fed a food item containing bugs, and finally comes face-to-face with a insect from the same colony as the bugs they just ate.
Colter Schoenfish
The Pride is a passionate and subversive play that examines queer identities in 1958 and 2008 in order to highlight the changing social constructions around sexuality.
Amy Wensley
Senior Bachelor of Fine Arts students in Dance present a joint concert of their choreography at the conclusion of their studies in the Dance program.
Amanda Kuo
When you – were you is a devised dance theatre piece directed and choreographed by Amanda Kuo.
Allison Burns
She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen is a refreshingly comic play that warmly looks at sisterhood; full of joyous spectacle and a celebration of the diverse ways we grieve, pretend, and play.
Wilson Plonk
John Comes Home is a 20 minute dance/theater piece following John, a boy coming home from his first year of college.
Violet Dine
How do we approach communication, intimacy, and relationships with AI?
Sam Plouff
How can we create a more inclusive and accessible food system, when changing food policy is next to impossible within the United States?
Sofia Carbonara
The Infinite Detail of this Place & Time is an immersive multimedia performance of improvised music, live video, and audience participation presented by improvising ensemble, Virago, and visual artist Bridget F. Quinn.
Sarah Agnone
Modern clothes are purchased with the intent to be replaced, valued for quantity rather than quality.
Rey Jeong
“Got Diaspora?” highlights the unique agency that young diasporic people take in straddling the analog and digital, the traditional and contemporary.
Noah Tappen
The goal of this project is to adapt the welsh bardic tale of Branwen into an animatronic attraction.
Michael Yuchen Tong
What Was & May Be, written and performed by Alyxandra Ciale Charfauros and Michael Yuchen Tong, is a multimedia performance exhibition of their four-year long-distance relationship explored through the nonlinearity of connection, both with each other and with the artifacts they created along with way.
Lena Yang
This platform is for Asian/Americans to explore the multiple facets of their identity.
Kim Karlsrud
“Winter Invitations” is an exhibition of the work of Kim Karlsrud and Bridget Quinn that invites viewers to take a second look at everyday urban ecologies and infrastructure. Infrastructure and the way that it is maintained and managed represent the ways that human societies relate to their environment.
Jacob Sugarman
“…no new word from God” is an interdisciplinary narrative performance based on a loose conceptual story of the creation and swift destruction of an uncontrollable Earth by an exasperated God.
Joshua Pickard
The final goal of our project is the design and development of a functioning autonomous robot capable of generating art in public spaces on North campus.
Jeremy Kargl
Nightstalkers is a haunted house event put on by the Theme Park Engineering Group at the University of Michigan.
Jason Pi
An interactive installation envisioning what a clinic for memory implants would look like.
Maite Iribarren
Idealized Cuban Family Structures paints a picture of the disconnect between legal policies and the complex personal situations they aim to model and control.
Isabel Olson
AND WE LOOK ON is a devised performance piece which incorporates projection and lighting design alongside dance, theatre, visual art, and puppetry to create a stunning visual landscape.