Call for Collaborators

Project Lead Description Seeking I’m Interested!
SMTD Graduate Student I’m preparing a recital called “Ways of Seeing” in which I’d like to combine song and visual art to evoke theories of possession and perspective of the female body. I’ve put together a program that pairs songs with artworks which trace narratives of the ways women are “seen” to contrast with how some women “see,” as creators and authors of their own identity. My hope is to work with a collaborator who can help develop a thematic and innovative palette of visual representations to project behind me, the singer, and also consider recital pacing and effect (perhaps through the incorporation of poetry read aloud). A graduate student who has an affinity for music and/or poetry, preferably with a deep understanding of art history and an eye for curating visual arts experiences for both novice and experienced audiences. Connect Me!
CoE Undergraduate Student I am very interested in table top gaming, and I would like to building a new world/module to play. I have already created some of the lore of the world(history, culture, etc). The world has steampunk setting combining elements of both technology as well as myths and the arcane.

1). An artist, to help me create costumes, characters, arts, pictures, maps.

2). An architect, to create buildings/cities.

3). A creative writer, to create short stories/intros.

Connect Me!
CoE Graduate Student Visualizing information and data surrounding macromolecular, also called a Polymer to help teach concepts. People good at drawing or image (or video) processing Connect Me!
CoE Undergraduate Student

For the 2nd Annual Applied Collegiate Exoskeleton (ACE) Competition, us MSTARX, founders of the competition, are looking for a complete rebrand, this means we want to update our logos and banners to make it look more professional and modern. We our looking for a collaborator willing to design a new logo for both ACE and MSTARX, we could meet and discuss ideas but the designer would have a lot of freedom in the creative process.

Graphics Designer Connect Me!
SMTD Undergraduate Student “touch.” is a full-length play that explores the interconnected lives of 6 gay men as they struggle with trauma, identity and loneliness. I’ve been working on the script for the past year and a half, and will be presenting a fully realized production on November 30th in the Newman Studio in the Walgreen Drama Center. A collaborator who would be able to design and install projections that would be used throughout the show. Several conversations throughout the play are actually through text message, and I would love to find a way to creatively realize this idea in a live performance. Connect Me!
SMTD Graduate Student I am planning a recital with saxophone and voice duo exploring thresholds – thresholds between communicated and uncommunicated, self and other, life and death. My collaborator and I want to tell a story with this program and we feel that collaboration might be an excellent avenue to tell a compelling story. We are hoping to work with others on lighting, staging, and perhaps visual art projection. Connect Me!

Have a project idea and need a collaborator? 

We will put the call out in a few ways: on our website; in our regular newsletters; and to targeted faculty in the appropriate school to send out and/or for recommendations of students/faculty that would be a good fit.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a taker, we’ll do the best we can to get you matched. Interested collaborators will contact us so we can e-introduce you to each other, along with some guidelines about how to begin working together. We’ll also check in periodically to see how things are going and if there’s anything more we can do to help – even if that means finding a different collaborator if the first match isn’t the perfect fit.