10 Degrees

Christopher Karounos (SEAS)

Collaborators: Zach Van Stanley, Assistant Director of Hudson Iowa Public Library, Abaca Games Director of Outreach; Lily Lima, University of Michigan Computer Science Student, Potential Independent Contractor for Abaca Games; Justin Schell, Director of University of Michigan Shapiro Design Lab, Mentor to Abaca Games

10 Degrees is a game that imbues scientific literacy about reforestation and climate change. The player’s heroism crosses beyond game-world as they grow virtual trees which represent real trees planted in threatened tropical forest with the game’s revenue. My research focuses on improving tropical reforestation using ecology and community engagement. 10 Degrees is an extension of this research as a tool for public engagement. Collaborators in the schools of art and music have made the game’s beta evocative and with support from this grant will continue to transform the game into modern art.

These days, so much of what we read in the news about our climate looks bleak, and we can feel powerless. Casting our vision into the future, sometimes it doesn’t seem too bright — but there is a way to make an impact! Join us, Abaca Games, and by playing 10 Degrees, you can game for good! Whiel you immerse yourself in a gripping story and immersive play, Third Millennium Alliance will be planing trees in deforested areas — all because you chose GAMING as your resolution.