a growing hug

Natsume Ono (A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning)

My final project, a reflection of my Art/Sci Residency in Professor Mondro’s art and design studio, is titled a growing hug. In this exploration, I was adapting ideas from a previous piece that I had made for an architecture project, which had looked at the movement of growth and its ability to connect and unite individuals. The two pieces, which are concrete forms cast in silicone, are connected by a crocheted wire piece that “grows” across. Although I experienced some setbacks in the earlier stages of material tests and in the learning curve of crocheting wire, I am grateful for the time and guidance I was afforded through this residency. Being able to learn the new skill of manipulating wire into these crocheted forms and also being given the money to buy different materials allowed me to achieve a final creation that I could not have imagined prior to the residency.