Chess in a Cube

Katja Ampe – Peer Mentor, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design; Jennifer Gao, College of Engineering; Jack Morin, School of Music, Theatre & Dance; Matthew Priskorn, College of Engineering

This is a game functioning pretty much the same as a usual chess, except that we play it on the inner sides of a 7x7x7 cube. There are four blocks on four sides indicating in white and black in the game and the pieces cannot go through it. We have provided two options for players, an online option as well as an offline option, you can enjoy the game either with a friend beside you or playing online.

Da Board

  • It’s the inside of a cube!
  • There are barriers on two sides of each home side, that can not be crossed by any piece except for knights!
  • Each side of the cube is 6×6, with 6×1 columns attaching each side that doesn’t have barriers.
  • All four of the side’s that don’t start with pieces on them or only start with guards are colored to help with orientation.

Da Pieces

  • Bishops, Rooks, Queens, and Knights all function the same as in normal chess!
  • Knights function mostly the same, but can jump over the barriers! The barriers count as one space.
  • Pawns can only move ‘forward’ whatever that means for them. Black pawns move down the red and blue faces, and white pawns move down the green and yellow faces. When they reach the opposite barrier, they become Queens automatically!
  • Royal guards are new pieces. They start on their own team’s barrier, and function directionally as kings! They’re meant to defend the barrier from pawns looking to become queens.