Dream Machine Archive

Natalia Rocafuerte – Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design

The Dream Hotline vinyl pressing is an interdisciplinary project combining audio art and American Cultural archiving. Using the audio dreams from the dream hotline, both in Spanish and English, the vinyl pressing will archive a total of 8 Mexican American dreams. The vinyl will be mastered by Henna Chou, data scientist and audio master as well as Jennelle Ramirez an ethnomusicologist at the University of Texas. 100 vinyl records will be pressed and distributed in University Archives across the United States. I have been collecting the dreams and creating video animations based on the dreams as part of my thesis, this vinyl pressing will be a way to preserve the orginial context of the recordings.

Consulting with my advisor Colin Gunckel, a Mexican American Media Historian, the project will be a archive of psychological portraits of women living in the United States who have immigrated to the United States. The funds will press 100 records at a Detroit based vinyl record company as well as funding sleeves and a booklet for the records. I will be mastering the final audio as well as designing the record sleeve.