Robin Jiao – Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design

Collaborators: Jason Ouyang – College of Engineering and LSA; Dylan Patel – LSA; Austin Liu – College of Engineering; Abhishek Kumar – LSA; Nathan Ouyang – LSA and College of Engineering

Flamechaser is an interdisciplinary project because it combines visual art, marketing, game design, programming, writing, and music. This approach will be appropriate for creating a narrative-focused video game that is heavy on art assets and is intended for a commercial release. The arts are the key selling point of Flamechaser as a experience because it focuses primarily on telling an action-packed science fiction lesbian romance story through creative expression in the form of a text-based narrative, 2D artwork, and music. As a group project bringing together students from multiple schools and disciplines, we’re working on making every creative collaborator and component of Flamechaser work together by maintaining consistent and positive team communication so that we can create a larger and better project than what any of us could have created individually. After all, a video game by its very definition requires work from multiple disciplines, and the project would either fall apart or not live up to its potential if we lacked talent from the required disciplines. We’re hoping to have most of the necessary additional contract work for game development requested or in progress by June 2023 and release the finished project by the end of 2023. By creating Flamechaser, we expect to provide interesting and meaningful game design work opportunities for UMich students as well as promote LGBTQ+ representation in the Ann Arbor indie game dev community.