Ghida Hammoud, Stamps School of Art & Design

Fluidity currently takes the form of a perfume patch that can be applied to the skin for on-the-move users. This increases efficiency in scent application and duration for business casual middle class in the age range or 24-35.

Needing to woo clients for a work-related endeavor? Don’t fear Fluidity is here advancing it’s technology through the product development phases and user testing to enable your favorite scents to be infused into the perfume patch.

Fluidity has all the perks of wearing perfume plus longevity, allowing you to enjoy your day on the go any day!

Selling B2B to allow any fragrance brand to license and partner so it can be sold in store, and reach a large consumer base official.

This project is interdisciplinary because of the following processes I used to create the current prototype. We used efficient product development processes such as ideation, prototyping, user testing, designing, prototyping, user testing again, for the current product deliverable.

The patch is a perfume scented which is sourced to perfume companies and is sold as a more effective way to deliver the perfume which is their main product. I realized the delivery system was inefficient for on-the-go consumers who don’t carry bags or prefer to spray once and have it last all day.

This problem differed from the previous problem statement of perfume in the mall not being identified after sprayed on. When I realized this, I pivoted from using the existing perfume bottle as my product and began to design something out of the “container.” I developed a perfume and used gum arabic, gold leaf, and essential oil to develop scents that can be contained and not leak through to clothing.

After doing user testing and developing a persona, the persona went from a short-term business trip personnel to a business professional, middle class, unisex consumer who is around 24-35 years of age. They spend their day at the gym, head to work, after work they may plan to go straight to a friend’s hang out, or date. This leaves the person feeling gross, but with the patch, their confidence ensues, and they are empowered to go through their day with one less stressful worry.

As I move into the development of this project, I have changed my studio set up for each phase for experimental and design practices. I anticipate finishing off the rest of the prototyping to generate the most effective design that does not employ leakage so that entails testing different diffusers such as wood or cork.

I am responsible for creating logo and packaging designs for effect delivery which will take costs up that have already accumulated through the patch material testing.

The timeline of this project will be the month of December until February when the Senior Exhibition will take place. By then, I need to having my marketing materials and a show case to display the product, the worked out brand, and packaging.