A Generative Model for Inner-Voice Realization in 4-Part Chorales

Somangshu Mukherji (School of Music, Theatre & Dance)

Collaborators: Wayne Petty, Associate Professor of Music Theory – SMTD; Jarrett Bierman, Undergraduate Student – LSA; Stuart Coles, Undergraduate Student – LSA; Alexander Gedeon, Undergraduate Student – LSA; Montana Mott, Undergraduate Student – LSA; Jiachung Zhang, Undergraduate Student – LSA

This project aims to develop computational techniques for realizing the inner (alto and tenor) parts, from the given bass and soprano parts, for the 4-part chorales by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767). These techniques will lead to a new edition of Telemann’s chorales, the most recent edition of these works dating back to 1730. More significantly, these techniques will demonstrate how composers write 4-part chorales, thus providing a window into musical creativty – and which will also provide ideas, therefore, for further studies of musical structure and cognition, and their application to computational models of music.