Hopelessly Yellow

Jordyn Axelrod, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design

Hopelessly Yellow is a student organization originated due to the fact that we could not find a publication on campus that incorporated all of our passions – art, writing, and music. This approach is appropriate for the future of Hopelessly Yellow because we hope to expand our platform’s voice by building a community of students from every creative corner of U of M – artists, writers, musicians, and more. Every aspect of our student organization is paired with an artistic component. On our social media platformsartists have the opportunity to delve into graphic design, photography, or any media of choice to share unique boosts of positivity. We encourage our artists to use Hopelessly Yellow as a therapy – an outlet for the projects they do not get to pursue in the classroom. Art, curated by our Stamps (or non-Stamps) contributors, is paired with every article, playlist, and post uploaded to our website and social media. Our outstanding personal essays, memoirs, and newfound music also serve as their own art forms. In what may be considered the most isolating time in our lives, Hopelessly Yellow is a platform that unites every aspect of art with a common goal: positivity.

After working tirelessly throughout the fall, our blog launched on January 1, 2021, and we are eager to continue maintaining and developing Hopelessly Yellow throughout our careers at Michigan and beyond. We are currently searching for editors, a social media manager, a music coordinator, a treasurer, and a website manager, as well as consistent writers and artists. The goal of this student org is not only to provide U-M students with an outlet to express themselves, but to impact and inspire our community on a personal level. Now more than ever, students and faculty are looking for the light. We want Hopelessly Yellow to be a happy and safe space – a platform anyone can turn to for inspiration, hope, an instant smile, or a boost of serotonin.