Lights in the Sky: a [perspective] production

Melissa Coppola (SMTD)

Collaborators: Matthew Linke, Planetarium Manager, Museum of Natural History; Amy Harris, Director, Museum of Natural History; Gala Flagello, DMA Composition; Yuma Uesaka, MM Computer Science, Jazz & Contemplative Studies; Dave Schall, Live Audiovisual Engineer

[perspective] is a conceptual concert series that re-envisions the time-honored art form of the piano recital into an immersive, multi-sensory experience. This carefully curated, innovative series focused around piano repertoire is intended to introduce music in a unique, memorable way to audiences of all musical backgrounds for a joyous and memorable experience. This March, in collaboration with the U-M Museum of Natural History Planetarium & Dome Theatre, [perspective] will present Lights in the Sky, a curated concert of contemporary classical piano pieces inspired by celestial bodies accompanied by stunning visuals of space. This interdisciplinary, educational event will bring curious museum-goers and music lovers of all ages together into a unique space to enjoy and learn about contemporary classical music through the lens of the cosmos.