An Open Book

John Marinan – Peer Mentor, College of Engineering; Zan Huang, School of Music, Theatre & Dance and LS&A; Peninnah Posey, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design; Lucy Kaffenberger, College of Engineering; Maggie Xiang, College of Engineering

Based on the word “reform,” our project consists of five books, each one reformed by a corresponding member of our team. Each person was free to take their subproject whatever direction they chose, whether it be a sculpture, book folding, or other manipulation. We treated this project as a learning experience about the creative processes within others and that within ourselves. A lot of our collaboration, though not apparent by credit, was experienced through internal feedback and suggestions regarding each other’s ideas.

We sought to find a project that each person could contribute to equally while still creating a meaningful result. This proved to be especially difficult given our extreme time zone differences, but feasible through dividing our project into distinct portions. Our meetings consisted mostly of brainstorming and helping each other process and develop our own subproject.