Our Magnetic Shield

Anna Brooks (Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design; School of Music, Theatre & Dance) and Joe Iovino (Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design)

Anna and Joe’s project in response to their Art/Sci Residency with Professor Moldwin in his climate and space science lab was inspired by paper-cut animations in NYT Op-Docs’ Animated Life series, as well as the music of Andrew Bird, amongst other things, for their artistic interpretation of scientific concepts and the history surrounding them. It was hard work to put together a stop-motion/paper puppetry video, and it wouldn’t have been possible to do alone. Whenever we would run into road-blocks in our process, Anna was often the one who would come up with small breakthroughs in lighting, puppetry and camera-work logistics. After many long nights cutting and filming, I feel very proud of what we accomplished in half a semester. The final product taught us both new concepts in live-action animation, video editing, and fine art.