Public Rock Collection

Kendra Kleber – Peer Mentor, College of Engineering; Kim Nguyen, LS&A; Isabella Wood, College of Engineering

We have created a digital rock collection. Because of the online format of this year, we chose to make a digital project so the audience could interact with each piece. There is a main slide showing the collection of all pieces, and from there, the viewer is able to select a rock to view in more detail, alongside its story.

The theme of our story is “Ordinary Remarkability”. Through our research, we found that many discussions of remarkable things focused on the extraordinary, and we became increasingly fascinated with more the more personal aspects of remarkability. In this focus on the personal, we have collected small, yet remarkable stories from many people. We chose to put these on rocks, because rocks are varied yet plain, and when you pay attention and put in work, they become remarkable, supporting our theme. Because all of us have a more STEM background, we were drawn to creating art in order to explore something different.