Resin Redistribution

Dani Tutak – Peer Mentor, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design; Harrison Biggs – Peer Mentor, College of Engineering; Madison Forstner, College of Engineering; Alan Yang, College of Engineering; Anna Gaishin, LS&A; Joshua Sum, College of Engineering

Everyone has a “junk drawer.” That place where you put things that have lost their use, “just in case.” We all know that those expired gift cards, empty pens, and broken tools will never be used, but we still hold onto them. In the pieces here we breathe new life into such objects. We have chosen to interpret our theme, “Redistribute,” as taking parts of one object and spreading them around. By incorporating each constituent part into something new (in this case a resin cast object), not only do we return value to the object, but we also allow that value to exist in multiple forms to multiple people. As such, the objects here aren’t the only ones produced. In all we made 25 pieces and have distributed them amongst family, friends, and community members.  

 When we first received our theme, our question was “what do we redistribute.” We eventually decided on the idea of “utility”, taking one unused object, and turning it into multiple useful objects; additionally, we decided only to use junk as a way to add an element of sustainability to the project. We eventually settled on incorporating our objects into resin casts (especially dice) as a way of incorporating the interests and skills of our group members.