The Revolving Ted Head

Ted Ivanac, III – Peer Mentor, College of Engineering; Luke Lee, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design; Nandita Gupta, College of Engineering; Lahana Maija, LS&A

Our CCP is meant to invoke thought on how art and its different mediums have changed over time. Our theme word, Revolve, is on display in the revolving head and how it changes art styles from frame to frame. We were able to combine both physical mediums like charcoal drawings and digital mediums like pixel art to display the animation of our subject changing styles with each frame.

Our group started by listing out every possible idea we could come up with for a project that relates to “Revolve”. We list things that revolved and synonyms of revolve while brainstorming. We then talked about our passions, disciplines, and hobbies to see how we could incorporate that into our project. Eventually, we decided on the idea of an animation that changed art styles so that we could each display our different styles.