Madison Caldwell, College of Engineering (on behalf of MedLaunch)

cheers is an interdisciplinary group of students on campus who are fighting for digital accessibility for older adults. Modern digital interfaces are not designed to be used by the elderly. Vague icons, limited assistive tooltips, and very small font sizes make it almost impossible for seniors to become comfortable when navigating the Internet. This team is creating a website extension that will transform the digital experience for older adults. This extension will redesign Gmail and Zoom, making them applications that are more user-friendly and accessible.

Helping Older Adults Join the World of Video Conferencing: Designing for Equity

Cheers is here to make the internet a more inclusive place for senior citizens as well as those with memory loss, visual impairments and digital unfamiliarity. We are working with Geriatrics practitioners, independent computer educators, and local senior centers for expert design feedback and user testing.

Helping Older Adults Join the World of Video Conferencing: Staying simple and straightforward (Part 2)

Our team is creating a better video conferencing application for older adults and those with weakened memory or vision. See our first post about our beginning steps for designing for our user group and discovering what they need in technology.