Undeclared: A New Series

Timmy Thompson – School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Collaborators: Logan Daitch – LSA; Liv Sinnett – School of Music, Theatre & Dance; 

In this narrative satire on mental health, Ellie and Chaim are college juniors with big plans for the future. But their aspirations might prove hollow as the disillusionment of growing up and discovering the true nature of the world around them sets in.

Our cast and crew come from a diverse background of skills, from students in SMTD with experience in acting and drama to students in STAMPS who help create the cinematic mood and tone of the piece to the students of LSA with expertise in film, television, and finances; we have a plethora of different skills that we take advantage of in the creation of our series. In this student led web series focusing on Ellie as he encounters with the theater troupe the Players, he experiences many different trials and tribulations in his navigation of the theater arts.

We hope that once we publish this series to show the importance and relevance on the theater community on student’s development. Our cast is representative of the characters they play. Our entire cast is made up of minorities such as characters from African American, Asian, Jewish, and LGBT backgrounds. We want to be representative of all different kinds of people on and around campus. Our cast and crews different backgrounds and skills helps to make our production more rounded. From our crew made up of students in both SMTD and LSA Film we have the technical knowledge of how to operate in both a television setting and a theater setting. Our history in SMTD provides the knowledge to create a sense of realism in the theatrical scenes