Mattie Levy

4th Year Undergraduate Student, Oboe Performance

School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Being your best DEI self: Think of a time when you were at your best at advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. What happened? Who was there? Why did you feel at your best?

Myself and two other students co-founded black leaders in art collective a student organization built to support Black Students in the school of music theatre and dance and STAMPS school of art and design. I felt glad that I was able to put on events and programs to make students feel supported. We put on a panel discussion with Black artists/faculty in SMTD as well as provided many opportunities for fellowship and I’m glad I was able to co-found an organization that does good work to advance DEI.

Wishes for the future: How would you imagine your environment needing to be for you to feel that you don’t have to do DEI work anymore?

I don’t think the world will ever get to a point where there won’t need to be any DEI work. DEI not only helps with the systemic problems in our society that will never go away, but it also helps for all people to be supported. I don’t think there can ever be a time when people do not need support.

What does it mean to you to be a recipient of the MLK Spirit Awards?

I am honored to have been recognized for my efforts. It feels good knowing that people appreciate the work that I’ve done. I am honored to be listed among the many other MLK spirit award recipients.