2016 Best in Sculpture – Brianna Broderick

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This jewelry series is inspired by fungus and abnormal plant growth. The bulbous forms of the bracelet and ring mimic trees that have been warped and weathered by the years. The detailed cutouts draw imagery from Morel Mushrooms and the Stink Horn Fungus.

The idea behind this series was to pay homage to an often overlooked and underappreciated part of nature. Fungi are natural recyclers, providing fresh nutrient rich dirt for other plants to grow in. Fungus has provided us with medicines and antibiotics and plenty of food. Even with all of these known benefits, fungi are often rendered unnecessary, in a manner similar to weeds.

There exists a large variety of fungi that vary in aesthetic qualities. The variety of form, color, negative space and growth pattern lend greatly to visual representations. Historically, there have been many beautiful prints and illustrations visually depicting fungus and other parts of nature. I chose to create a jewelry series and use fungus inspired pieces as a form of adornment. By solidifying this imagery in brass, I captured the ephemeral form of fungi and allow the beauty to be admired by others.