2022 People’s Choice Winner – Yashas Aprameya

World Wide Web



Created using a painted-white globe, as well as a digital projector, “World Wide Web” showcases the world’s reliance on science and technology during the COVID-19 pandemic by projecting a carefully crafted video of a spinning globe onto a dormant one, symbolizing the evergrowing usage of technology, and the internet in particular. Science and technology connect us to one another through collaboration not only in the classroom setting, but also on a global scale as a whole, with or without the bounds of face-to-face interaction.

“World Wide Web” is a commentary on the global shift towards the internet and technology as a whole during the COVID-19 pandemic. The actual construction of the piece was technological and scientific in itself. Firstly, an old classroom globe was painted with white tempera paint. I also used a combination of Photoshop and Python, a moving, circular image of a map was created with the help of a friend, who is a computer programmer. The main challenge with making this video was that the image needed to be circular whilst maintaining a looping image, being the map. Therefore, Python was used to layer a circular silhouette with the colorized map as two separate layers. This video was then digitally projected onto the globe, resulting in the final piece.

While 2020 was a devastating time for countless families, it stands true that science prevailed during this year. We saw the invention of multiple vaccines for COVID-19 in record-breaking times as a result of the rapid growth of our technology, which is what I wished to portray in this piece. Furthermore, an inclination to digital collaborative forms of media, such as “Zoom” and “Slack” fostered communication in safe environments through the internet. “World Wide Web” showcases the fact that we are all connected to one another through science and technology as one.