Life of a Neuron
Fatima Farrukh
1st Year, LSA/Taubman

Digital Art- Procreate


‘Life of a Neuron’ is a digital art piece inspired by an installation at Artechouse, an art organization that is dedicated to the integration between art, science, and technology. 

This digital drawing seeks to explore the intricacies of neurology and humans at large, through the lens of creativity and innovation. The detail laid out through the varying thickness of the pulsating lines encapsulates the different stages of abstraction and reality that is encountered on an everyday basis through atoms and neurons. The vibrant green and blue hues establish contrast and harmony, reflective of human anatomy at large.

Life of a Neuron is an art piece that integrates the unique dynamics of art, technology and science. It explores how the brain shapes and works in cohesion with neurons and other components of the nervous system. The hint of figures in the drawing, sitting and observing the scene represent the immersive journey behind producing this piece, and the captivating aspects of neurology. 

At times, the intricacies and complexity of the human brain are not appreciated enough. Billions of neurons work in harmony as they communicate with target cells to perform vital functions fundamental to support the nervous system. This piece represents these intricacies through the details laid out in the design of the converging and diverging line, and is an attempt to recognize this mesmerizing system of functions. The juxtaposition between the bright green and blue line with the darker background and lighter lines towards the center of the composition emphasize contrast, and underscore the enigmatic nature of neurons and cognition. 

Encompassing the broader theme of complexity, this art piece is a reflection of the internal confusion artists face as they struggle to balance reality with the abstraction their creativity engenders. Put differently, this piece seeks to represent the fluid yet concrete sensation experienced at the crossroads of art and science, and is a true representation of what is within.

The majority of the overlap between the lines emerging from the neuron are concentrated towards the center of the composition, and are slightly more spread out towards the foreground, a depiction of the multi faceted and layered theme of science and art that continues to reveal more about itself in countless ways the deeper one probes into it.