Lily Gandhi
Senior, Stamps School of Art & Design


Digital photo


Captured in this photo is the path of the sun as it rises and sets each day. The range of orange and pink provides a feeling of warmth during the chilling winter. It is the balance of the ray of light for the day with the rest of the darkness.

This project used solargraphy which produces an image that your eye can not often see by capturing the sun’s path in the sky along with the landscape. This photo was captured by creating a pinhole camera. The process of making this camera involved cutting open two old soda cans and placing film paper into the cans. The camera was then left outside for about 10 days capturing the path of the sun. This simple camera can show such a detailed image by having the photo develop over multiple days. The location that was chosen needed to be facing south so that it could photograph the path of the sun. The camera was placed at a high angle and the landscape was chosen because it has a variety of objects including buildings, cars, and trees. After the photograph was scanned in, it was then edited in photoshop to make the colors appear. Without editing the photo you would not be able to see what is happening in the picture. The depths of colors were chosen because they provide a range of tones so that the photo can be seen more clearly. The orange color was chosen for the path of the sun because it creates a nice contrast against the blue within the sky and the ground.