Michaela Clark
Senior, Stamps School of Art & Design


Solargraph Digital Photograph


This abstract describes Interplay, a captivating solograph photograph captured using a pinhole camera that was strategically placed outdoors for a duration of approximately 1 week. The photograph beautifully captures the essence of Michigan winters, showcasing the interplay between sunlight and its absence. Through this artwork, viewers are invited to contemplate the dynamic relationship between nature, time, and human presence in the context of winter landscapes.

This Solograph image was created as part of a Visualizing Science class at the Stamps School of Art and Design. The concept behind this artwork was to visually depict the movement of the sun throughout the day. To achieve this, a pinhole camera was constructed using two Arizona cans, and light-sensitive photo paper was placed inside. The camera was then positioned outside the Ann Arbor public library, facing south, and left undisturbed for a week. The resulting image was later scanned and edited in Photoshop to produce the final version you see here.