Parker Martorella
1st Year, Stamps School of Art & Design




In ‘Creation,’ I channel my childhood fascination with bubbles into an artistic exploration of spherical spaces. This trio vividly captures ovaries and the intricate dance of ovulation. From the whimsy of childhood bubbles, my love for spherical forms has evolved into a deliberate fusion of art and biology. Each piece encapsulates the ephemeral beauty of life’s creation, symbolizing a seamless transition from playful novelties to a nuanced exploration of the intersection between artistic expression and biological processes. ‘Creation’ stands as a visual testament to my enduring fascination with spherical shapes and their profound resonance in art and science.

In the continuum of my artistic exploration into biological functions, the creation of the trio titled “Creation” (2022) marks a significant juncture. This set of meticulously crafted pieces utilizes a combination of wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques, reflecting a deliberate choice to merge precision with organic expression. 

The central theme of the artwork revolves around the representation of ovaries, the fundamental female reproductive organs initiating the miracle of creation. The spheres in the foreground serve as intricate visualizations of these ovaries, capturing their essential form and nuanced details. In contrast, the background sphere takes on a distinct role, symbolizing the emergence of multiple ova during the intricate process of ovulation. 

This juxtaposition prompts contemplation on two compelling aspects of reproductive biology: the phenomenon of egg harvesting and the prevalence of multiple births. The visual narrative delves into the beauty and complexity of these processes, encouraging viewers to engage with the profound themes embedded in the subject matter. 

This particular trio was meticulously crafted as part of my independent study, representing a deliberate and focused exploration of the correlation between art and science. The choice to employ both wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques speaks to the intentionality behind showcasing the harmonious blend of artistic intuition and scientific understanding, particularly in the context of the spherical form. 

Through “Creation,” I aim to communicate not only the visual beauty of biological phenomena but also the deep conceptual connection between art and science. The artwork serves as a visual manifestation of the intricate relationship between the aesthetic and the scientific, offering viewers a contemplative journey into the profound interplay between life’s creation and the artistic expression that seeks to capture it. In essence, “Creation” is a testament to the enriching dialogue that can unfold when art and science converge, especially when encapsulated within the spherical form.