Parker Martorella
1st Year, Stamps School of Art & Design




“Origin” not only symbolizes my childhood enchantment with bubbles but seamlessly integrates a scientific narrative. Born from eleven meticulously thrown hollow spheres, the amorphous entities serve as a bridge between my youthful fascination and an exploration of meiosis. Deliberately fusing the ephemeral joy of bubbles with the complex scientific process, “Origin” becomes a dual narrative—a nostalgic homage to childhood wonder and a visual representation of the intricate dance of meiosis. This intentional interplay not only preserves the ephemeral nature of bubbles but also highlights the enduring beauty within scientific intricacies, creating a nuanced dialogue between the whimsical and the profound.

“Origin” serves as the foundational epicenter of my independent study, acting as the catalytic force that ignited my profound fascination with the hollow form. Within the contours of this seminal piece, two amorphous entities seamlessly converge, showcasing the immense potential and versatility inherent in the exploration of hollow forms. 

The genesis of “Origin” involved a meticulous creative process, beginning with the throwing of eleven hollow spheres on the wheel. Each sphere was then subjected to an intricate dance of cutting and scoring, allowing the individual pieces to interlock and coalesce into a harmonious whole. This laborious yet intentional process underscores the craftsmanship and technical skill involved in the creation of this intricate artwork. 

While “Origin” is deliberately crafted to remain open to diverse interpretations, its initial conceptualization was rooted in a scientific context, specifically designed to articulate the complex process of meiosis. The deliberate juxtaposition of scientific intricacies with abstract artistic expression forms the intellectual and aesthetic nexus of this work. 

Beyond its scientific origins, “Origin” evolves into a rich tapestry of meaning, transcending its explanatory roots. The artwork, in its essence, beckons the viewer into a cognitive labyrinth, challenging them to harness the power of imagination in order to unravel the layers of significance encapsulated within its organic forms. This interplay of scientific complexity and abstract artistry not only renders “Origin” visually captivating but also transforms it into an intellectual playground. 

As viewers engage with “Origin,” they are invited into a thought-provoking journey. The artwork becomes a canvas for intellectual exploration, prompting contemplation on the intersections of scientific inquiry and artistic expression. In essence, “Origin” is not just a visual spectacle; it’s an intellectual odyssey, inviting individuals to navigate the intricate terrain of interpretation and appreciation for the intricate dance between form and concept.