science as art submissions 2023

Click below to explore the 2023 submissions to the Science as Art competition. Work is also on display in the Duderstadt Central Collaboration Space on the U-M Campus February 13-22.

King of Perception
Lily Rivere
Tower of Hanoi
Prisha Guha
Shell-morphed Creature
Prisha Guha
Angel Garcia
Ginkgo Ginkgo
Mira Hughes
xerophytes-- a poem
Amber Hashmi
We hold while held
Gray Snyder
Move the Mountain
Jennifer Guo
Human Nature
Marissa Woods
Critical periods in 3 parts
Katie Bonefas
Extraction of Caffeine from Black Tea
Nicolette Harvey
Sugar Blues
Ana Swanson
Julie Zhou
My Body's Betrayal
Zoe Polish
The Breath of the Burren
Madison Grosvenor
Quantum Entanglement
Sarah De Falco
Bio talk
Stella Peng
Playing with Heartstrings
Amanda Cheung
Fruit of Society
Isabella Minkin
Discovering Shark Antibodies
Erin Lee
Where the Blood Flows
Madison Granzow