Insights Overview

There are close to over two dozen different analyses being conducted on this dataset. The results posted here represent a small subset, and many analyses are ongoing in various stages of completion. Rather than waiting for all of the results to be finalized, we are posting the most up-to-date results here — as time and resources permit us to analyze, interpret, and report on the results.

This study draws from a variety of analytical methods. In addition to multiple choice questions, a set of open-ended questions builds on the multiple choice responses and demographic profiles — providing important insights into the diverse frames of students` experiences with the arts at UM and in their lives.

Available or in-process results from the open-ended question responses are highlighted below and linked to their respective pages. These results — particularly when analyzed in conjunction with demographic factors — begin to provide important insights for the design of arts-based experiences in higher education, as well as the impacts of the arts on student learning and engagement.

##Student Development##

  • In what ways do you think you can grow (through arts engagement)? (sr_othergrowth)

  • What role did the arts play in your development as a person, friend, colleague, and student during college? (development)

  • Please describe any transformative or meaningful arts experience you had during college. (experience)

  • How did your behavior or thinking change (as a result of engaging in the arts)? (behavior2)


  • How did your involvement in the arts in college make you feel? (feel)

  • How did being involved in the arts as a child make you feel? (childhood2)

  • What role do you see the arts playing in society? (society)

##UM Experience/Policy##

  • What do you see as the barriers preventing you from being involved in the arts at the University of Michigan (if you experienced any)? (barriers)

  • What role did the arts play in your college experience, both positive and negative? (role)

  • How do you define “the arts”? (definition)

##Career/After College##

  • If the arts had any impact on your career choice, please describe. (career)

  • In what other ways do you see yourself being involved in the arts after college? (aftercollege4)