science as art submissions 2022

Click below to explore the 2022 submissions to the Science as Art competition. Work is also on display in the Hatcher Graduate Library on the U-M Campus February 14-25.

Have a favorite piece or two? We encourage you to vote for your top two favorite pieces using the form below. You can only vote once and must have a U-M account to cast your vote. Take note of the title and/or name of the artist(s) so you can select appropriately on your ballot. Voting for People’s Choice Award will be open through 2:10pm on Friday, February 18.

Carbon 30
Selina Gong
Materiality in Motion: The Art of Robotic Fabrication
Yunyang Ma
Redefining the Past Digitally
Aamina Hussain
To Know the Self
Rilie Saba
Jake Schraga
Mimo-Skeleton ULTRA
Diamond Na
Untold Creations
Kaitlyn Frey
Danielle de Coster
solargraph: a day in the backyard
Yongxin Zheng
Deconstruction of a Ferret
Alyssa Stump
Rule 110
Samantha Griffith
Good Morning Earth, From Outer Space
Katherine Lee
Emerson Lauster
Blues in the Night
Grace Sirman
Michaela Clark
1.5 Week Solargraph
Katherine Jeong
Josey Hanish
Fruit Loops
Mackenzie Warwick
Ocean Floor
Min Hermon
Youjin Kim
Reflections of a Digital Conscience
Elida Sensoy
Velociraptor in Stone
Grace Dirig
Dreamscape Solargraph
Anna Howell
Lorentz Lap Brass
Adam Schmidt
Two Halves, One Whole
Kierstynn Lepper
Lily Gandhi
Blue Corona
Robin Jiao
Baits Solargraph
Reese Ford
Energy Solargraph
Virginia Holland
Electrons Observed vs. Un-Observed
Sarah De Falco
Against One
Salem Loucks
Cat Scan
Charlotte Bertsch
Processes of the Lab
Max Hrigora
Rodger, Annie, Fifty, and Fallon
Ana Swanson
Black and Brown Medical Flashcards
Olujinmi Edison
Parker Martorella
Parker Martorella
Surface Tension
Jaimie Krankel
Exploring the Wonders of Refraction: A Dive into the Art of Optical Illusions in Water
Man Wang
The Fractals In Us
Amanda Cheung
Eric Bui
Neither the Strongest nor Most Intelligent
Oliver St Cyr
Life of a Neuron
Fatima Farrukh
Beneath the Rain Garden
Anna Logan McClendon
Tiny Trouble
Stella Peng
Phases of Ice
Janice Huang
Knowledge is Beauty
Morgan Granzow
The Fabric of Discovery
Katelyn King
Morgan Granzow artwork of blood flow in heart
Where the Blood Flows
Morgan Granzow